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Custom Industrial Ventilation and Air Pollution Control Engineering Solutions for Industries and Manufacturers Worldwide

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Dust Collection and Scrubber Systems

Food Production Ventilation Engineering

Regenerative Oxidizers

Green Earth, Inc. is the worldwide leader in air pollution control solutions. Over the years, our team of engineers have helped countless clients save money by improving energy efficiency and avoiding government non-compliance penalties. We’ve chronicled just a few of our success stories, describing how Green Earth identified problems and created custom engineered solutions across a range of industrial sectors.

Food Safety Ventilation Solutions for FSMA Compliance

Green Earth specializes in food safety ventilation and we’ve helped many food manufacturers achieve and maintain regulatory compliance under the Food Safety Modernization Act. We custom engineer systems to isolate environmental factors between contaminated areas and clean areas, remove heat, capture dust and provide controlled air pressure across an entire facility.

Energy Recovery Systems Optimizing Efficiency and Reducing Costs

Our energy recovery systems have been proven to pay for themselves in as little as twelve months. One client saves more than a million dollars per year in energy costs thanks to a Green Earth designed, engineered and implemented solution. Remember, there’s no such thing as “waste heat,” only wasted dollars escaping into the atmosphere.

Regenerative Oxidizers for VOC Emissions Control

Custom-built thermal regenerative oxidizers from Green Earth can destroy up to 99% of volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants, while running at a thermal efficiency of 97%, making them the most cost-effective option for VOC control. Engineered environmental control solutions from Green Earth help your industrial plant exceed EPA regulations.

Green Earth provides cost-effective turnkey solutions to all your environmental control problems, custom designed and engineered to your needs.

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