About Green Earth Inc

Industrial Ventilation Engineers Providing Turnkey Air Quality Solutions

Industrial Ventilation Specialists

Green Earth Inc. provides customers with cost-effective, high-quality air-pollution control and industrial ventilation solutions. Green Earth Inc. is an Environmental Engineering firm that is dedicated to provide you with clean, safe, and comfortable indoor air quality. Our Engineers have over 40 years of experience delivering air pollution control solutions, FSMA compliance, and industrial ventilation systems and possess extensive knowledge of the Food Safety Modernization Act, along with EPA and other regulatory statutes. We draw from this experience to design and implement the highest quality food safety ventilation, industrial ventilation and air pollution control systems for maximum compliance with minimal on-going operational costs. Our team focuses on innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions to mitigate customer concerns. 

Innovative Air Pollution Control and Industrial Ventilation Solutions

Green Earth engineers are industry leaders, designing and implementing complete air handling systems, maximizing efficiency, and ensuring FSMA and other VOC regulation compliance. Air pollution control and industrial HVAC systems mean so much more than just installing a “box.” Green Earth, Inc. has consistently demonstrated thermal oxidizer equipmnet installed for the purpose of eliminating VOCs and odors related to production can be turned into valuable assets, lowering the overall operating cost of plant facilities. Our comprehensive system designs always include recommendations for converting waste heat generated into energy recovery solutions. Revolutionary system designs are standard in all our client relationships.

Expertly Engineered Air Quality Control Systems Designed for Total Satisfaction

Green Earth is committed to “Total Customer Satisfaction.” From design through implementation, a Green Earth recommendation for products and services ensures your facility meets and exceeds all EPA requirements, at a competitive price. Green Earth, Inc.  provides complete “Turnkey” air pollution control solutions which gives a single point-of-contact for the most reliable and timely communications. Documentation and training are provided, allowing customer personnel a user-friendly interface to the new equipment. 


If you are looking to have a Industrial Ventilation System Designed & Installed, or just would like to purchase Ventilation System Equipment, Green Earth Engineering is here to help you thru the process!