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Energy Recovery Systems Custom Designed to Maximize Your Facility’s Efficiency

Global Leaders in Energy Recovery System Engineering

Cost Effective Engineering Systems designed to save YOU money! 

Green Earth's Engineers have been designing energy recovery systems and industrial HVAC systems for nearly 40 years. They started in the 1970s, when global fuel prices soared, and have been helping manufacturers worldwide create energy efficient facilities ever since.

Green Earth designs and implements industrial ventilation systems, allowing manufacturers to capture heat and materials that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, converting it into practical direct process applications including steam, hot water, and HVAC. A custom designed system can pay for itself in as little as 12 months in energy cost savings. Our Engineer's clients routinely save between tens of thousands of dollars, to more than a million dollars per year! 

Industrial HVAC Systems

No "cookie-cutter" solutions here, Green Earth custom engineers every energy recovery system to meet your facility’s needs. We’ll thoroughly investigate your energy use and requirements, identifying opportunities for increased efficiency and giving you a detailed analysis of our findings, including our recommendations. From concept to implementation, Green Earth is your single source for new energy recovery systems.

Green Earth Inc. custom designs three energy recovery systems:

Air to Water Heat Recovery Systems

Air to Water heat recovery systems can be used to directly heat process water, or provide indirect heating for process or building environment air. Our complete system includes pump, expansion tank, piping and valves. Glycol systems are available for freeze protection or higher temperature applications.

Air to Air Energy Recovery Systems

An air to air energy recovery system will capture excess heat that would otherwise be lost into the atmosphere. This heat is combined with the air intake, providing significant savings on facility heating costs.

Waste Heat Boiler Energy Recovery Systems

Waste heat boiler energy recovery systems can be integrated into our thermal regenerative oxidizers, maximizing energy efficiency throughout the system. An integrated waste heat boiler installed at one Midwestern coatings producer saves the facility around $1.4 million dollars every year, while creating excess steam for in-plant process heating.