Air Systems

Air Systems and Equipment Custom Engineered for YOU

With over 40 years of experience in the industrial ventilation industry, Green Earth's Engineers are well versed in the nuances of facility airflow management. Our Engineers have been at the leading edge of industrial ventilation technology since the Clean Air Act of 1970. Our engineers designs and installs custom turnkey ventilation systems, including food safety ventilation, regenerative oxidizers, energy recovery systems and even industrial dust recovery systems. Whether you need a system designed for a new facility, or an old system replaced, Green Earth, Inc. can complete any job quickly and efficiently.

Ventilation Systems Custom Engineered for Your Food Manufacturing Facility

Proper placement and design of air filtration systems in food manufacturing facilities vary facility to facility. The experts at Green Earth can custom design, engineer, and install a turn key ventilation system in your food manufacturing plant, assuring an efficient system and reducing the chance of overall system failures. With Green Earth Inc. your food processing and/or manufacturing facility will be FSMA compliant and will maintain the safest air quality levels optimal for all food manufacturing processes.

Negative air pressure a concern? Green Earth’s food safety ventilation systems help create positive air pressure zones. These are essential in maintaining air quality in food processing facilities, especially when processing ready-to-eat (RTE) products.

Save money by improving the efficiency of your air ventilation systems when you choose, Green Earth Engineering. 

Regenerative Oxidizer Systems

Our Engineers have designed and installing more than 300 Regenerative Oxidizer (RTO) Systems for companies in the USA and Internationally. Green Earths Engineers have become some of the  global leaders in RTO System solutions. Every system installed by Green Earth, Inc.  is custom designed, engineered and implemented to the unique needs of our client’s facility. Green Earth’s RTO Systems are commonly integrated with our environmental control systems, including dust collectors, scrubbers and energy recovery systems, providing a complete one-stop turnkey package.

Energy Recovery Systems

Since global fuel prices soared in the 1970’s, Green Earth Inc. has been helping manufacturers worldwide create energy efficient facilities. Our Engineers design and implement different systems allowing manufacturers to capture heat and materials that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. A custom engineered energy recivery system can pay for itself in as little as 12 months in energy cost savings.

Our energy recovery systems are cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Dust Collection and Scrubber Systems

Green Earth, Inc. has unique relationships with many manufacturers that allow us to provide the global standard in custom engineered industrial dust collection and air scrubber systems. Green Earth supplies reverse pulse cleaning, or “shaker” bag dust collectors, well suited for many applications. We know that each facility is unique, and Green Earth’s Engineers will ensure the most efficient, custom turnkey environmental control system is implemented in your facility.